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What Companies Are Doing About Malaria

More than Mosquitoes

We also offer comprehensive services to manage other hazards to your workers' health or productivity, such as snakes and unsafe water. Bundling of these services with vector control can save you money and still improve worksite safety.

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Worried about a Zika virus outbreak?

Our vector surveillance and control program identifies the level of risk in a given area and promptly defines the appropriate course of action. Scalable, affordable and CDC compliant. Contact us today to discuss how to protect your community. Email us


What We Do

For Companies
  • Malaria control program design and implementation
  • Vector-borne disease risk assessment, program audits
  • Monitoring & evaluation software
  • CSR strategies
For Communities
  • Malaria Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice (KAP) assessments
  • Creation of strategic partnerships
  • Educational material in five languages
  • Strategic interventions
For Project Worksites
  • Vector control and
    entomological support 24/7/365
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Food storage and service safety
  • Integrated pest management
  • Camp hygiene and sanitation