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MosquitoZone International has been fighting malaria, other vector-borne diseases and related health challenges since 2005. Our team of scientists, including medical entomologists, epidemiologists, and preventive medicine technicians, are deployed around the world to protect workers and their families. We specialize in the following:

Corporate malaria policies, implementation plans, and corporate social responsibility programs

Malaria risk assessments and audits, with risk mitigation recommendations and corrective action plans

Malaria and dengue education programs – Computer-based training (CBT), training kits, videos and printed materials in five languages, with customized translation available

Technical training for local content and the development of national/local capacity in vector control

Vector control programs, including eco-friendly, entomologist-supervised, surveillance-based control of mosquitoes, ticks and other disease vectors

Water and food safety/quality monitoring as well as camp hygiene and sanitation programs

Integrated Pest Management for rodents, snakes, stinging insects and food-storage pests

Our clients cite the following benefits of working with us:

Reducing both incidence and seriousness of illness. No malaria deaths have occurred on our watch.

Improving worker productivity.  Our company’s efforts in Chad with a ‘super major’ oil company resulted in a 75% reduction in lost workdays due to malaria.

Developing local content.  Our company helps clients meet national content contract requirements and empowers locals to continue protecting their communities from malaria.

Eliminating costly project delays due to malaria and other vector-borne diseases. One U.S.-based ‘super major’ lost 13 million dollars in a one-day safety shutdown prior to implementing our program.

Reducing environmental risks. Emphasis on surveillance-based vector control with source reduction; safe and effective pesticide selection; plus targeted treatment to reduce risks to ecologically sensitive areas, endangered species, and nearby communities. We have a perfect safety track record.