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MosquitoZone International (MZI) personnel are trained to work in remote tropical areas, providing integrated vector-control and related services designed to protect the health of oil, gas, construction, and mining project workers.

Experts in Vector-borne Disease Prevention

Medical entomologists, vector-control technicians, and preventive medicine technicians (PMTs) work together or individually to provide vector control, pest management, food safety and water safety in remote locations. The ability to work independently, maintain good records and contribute timely and accurate reports are critical to each crew member’s success.

Living with the Workers We Protect

Our personnel live in camp facilities provided by our clients. Typically, project sites are in remote areas of Southeast Asia, Oceania and Africa. Qualified personnel must be able to work in remote location and interact with our clients in order to further our message of vector, food and water-borne disease prevention. Most importantly, they must demonstrate the ability to serve as role models of safe behavior and communicate effectively to train others on best practice health and safety measures.

Our Mission is to Establish a Safe Working Environment

Inside of the MZI defined “Control Zone” our client’s workers can focus on their job without worrying about getting bitten by infected mosquitoes, ticks or other dangerous animals. To achieve safety in under-developed countries with few roads and fewer medical facilities, we implement custom designed integrated vector-control programs. Our programs follow the MZI Nine Elements™ process which includes safety training, vector surveillance, maintenance of barriers, safe application, handling, storage and disposal of pesticides, distribution of personal protective equipment, and working with client management. We continuously monitor and evaluate our performance, reporting back to project management on a regular basis. We also train local workers to continue our work after the project has wound down.


MosquitoZone is looking for the following

  • Experience with mosquito abatement in the public or private sector, especially handling chemicals and equipment responsibly

  • Specialty training, especially Preventative Medicine Technicians or independent duty corpsmen

  • Experience handling dangerous pests such as snakes or bees

  • Physical ability work in a hot, humid environment

  • Talent for educating others in safe behavior, training assistants, and managing a crew

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