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MosquitoZone International has an entomological and epidemiological team in the U.S. supporting a global workforce of experts, field operators and local workers who we can deploy on a small or large scale to meet our clients' needs.

Cole J. Church, Ph.D.
Project Manager, Southeast Asia

A medical entomologist adept at mobilizing diverse resources to protect public health, Cole served 21 years in the U.S. Navy and then directed a mosquito abatement district in Louisiana for 5 years. His Navy career was in preventive medicine and scientific research, where he specialized in program operation and oversight. Cole ran a number of malaria and dengue research programs and is an expert in entomological surveillance and program monitoring. Cole also ran programs providing humanitarian relief missions to Honduras and Puerto Rico after hurricanes.

While at the Ouachita Parish Mosquito Abatement District, Cole fended off a West Nile outbreak during two onslaughts: an influx of Hurricane Katrina refugees, followed by Hurricane Rita.

Cole currently supervises all the MosquitoZone activities in Southeast Asia, particularly the LNG project on Papua New Guinea, one of the largest natural gas projects in the world. During the planning stages, mosquito-borne disease was identified as a significant threat to the completion of the project, and Cole led the planning and implementation of the MosquitoZone vector control program that has protected 10,000 workers, 12 camps, and 273 kilometers of pipeline right-of-way, as workers construct drilling platforms, pipelines, an airport, a gas conditioning plant and living quarters. Using a highly-integrated vector control strategy, combined with rigorous entomological and epidemiological monitoring, Cole has led teams of local and expat talent to eliminate all deaths and complicated malaria cases in his control zone.  A major achievement for MosquitoZone has been the total elimination of expat malaria cases among the pipeline construction crews as they cut through the rainforest.

Cole teaches a class in Tropical Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine. His MS is in Medical Entomology from Iowa State University and his Ph.D. is in Toxicology of Insecticides from the University of Missouri.

Jeffrey A. Corneil, Ph.D.
Project Manager, Africa

CorneilChad is the ninth African country where Jeff Corneil has worked as a medical entomologist. After getting to know the Chadians that he trains and supervises for MosquitoZone, he set about improving the way our malaria control program tracking data is collected, managed and reported to our client. His contribution was featured in the Chad/Cameroon Development Project Update 30

Jeff wrapped up his 21-year career in the U.S. Navy in the position of chair of the Armed Forces Pest Management Board, which guides policy to keep American armed forces safe from pests and vector-borne diseases. He has developed and managed training programs in pest and disease vector identification, surveillance and management for hundreds of Preventive Medicine Technicians and other military personnel including doctors and nurses, eventually becoming the officer in charge of the west coast Disease Vector Ecology and Control Center. 

While stationed in Italy, he performed pre-site surveys, pest and disease vector surveillance, as well as preventive medicine support for medical teams sent to Africa on civilian action exercises. He has assessed the risks for projects not only in Africa, but also on three other continents, in countries including Kuwait, Korea, Croatia and the Philippines. In 2004 he was deployed to Iraq where he was an officer in charge of a Navy field preventive medicine unit with a mission that included food and water safety, sanitation, and pest and disease vector control for troops in combat. 

When he takes over a project, Jeff assesses the information system as well as the project performance toward goals, and he is always figuring out ways that teams can get better usage of their computer resources. His Ph.D. is from Michigan State University. 

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