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MosquitoZone International also offers comprehensive services to manage additional hazards to your worker health or productivity. Bundling of these services along with our vector control services can save you money and protect your worksite on many levels at once. 

Water Quality Monitoring

Half the world's hospital beds are filled with victims of water-related illnesses. Exploration and construction sites in remote areas always face the challenge of finding water, treating it for safe drinking, and maintaining the supply. MosquitoZone International's technicians understand how potable water is created and how to monitor its condition. We will test your drinking water, and if necessary, audit the treatment and storage procedures to ensure an adequate safe supply for your workers. 

Food Safety and Integrated Pest Management

While most everyone sees rats as dangerous, MosquitoZone International's experts also recognize dangers from nearly invisible pests which thrive in stored food. Your workers may confront store food health threats in under-developed countries which quickly overwhelm management. You can fight these problems individually after they crop up, or you can hire MosquitoZone International to prevent stored food pest infestations and take responsibility for the entire Integrated Pest Management program.

  • Prevent food storage infestations - One infected shipment of food can introduce a pest beetle that chews through the packaging into all the other food in the storeroom. MosquitoZone will check both the food and the storage procedures that keep it safe. Protect your food investment as well as your workers' health.

  • Keep food service operating safely - Audit the kitchens for cleanliness and safe food handling procedures, in addition to pests. Your catering service has other priorities, and with IPM, you can afford to keep them working at the highest standards. 

  • Control rodents, snakes and stinging insects - Keep your worksite free from these threats to your workers' health and productivity while at the same time, safeguarding the environment, beneficial bee colonies, and protected species.

Camp Hygiene and Sanitation

Illnesses can crop up, seemingly out of nowhere, in fast-growing camps and worksites. MosquitoZone International will inspect your bathrooms, laundry rooms, and sleeping quarters to make sure that unhygienic situations are remedied before half your workforce is lined up to use the toilet.  

Preventive Medicine Technicians

At your company, safety managers are always responsible for the hazards of the work. Are they also burdened with the hazards of camp life? MosquitoZone maintains a stable of military-trained Preventive Medicine Technicians who know how to protect workers from all the non-work specific health threats like vector-borne diseases, contaminated water, and food-borne illnesses. We will audit and train your people as needed. 


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