Protecting Communities with Integrated Vector Control

MosquitoZone International is a team of PhD-level and MS-level entomologists and epidemiologists, as well as military-trained public health technicians, with extensive experience with public health programs, both in the field, in the non-profit sector, and in government overseeing large-scale national and international programs. We have strategic partnerships with bilateral and multilateral donors, international NGOs, business coalitions and governments. We operate all over Africa, and southeast Asia.

Our capabilities

  • Entomological and epidemiological malaria or dengue risk assessment, case investigation and root-cause exposure analysis, on a program-wide basis or in response to an outbreak or hotspot

  • Program design and intervention planning (either program-wide or outbreak-specific)

  • Mosquito sentinel surveillance system (short-term setup and staff training, or long-term operation), to monitor program effectiveness and predict program vulnerabilities and hotspot development

  • IRS campaign operation, training, design/setup, or quality assurance monitoring

  • Audit or evaluate program effectiveness

  • Install, train and support M&E software

  • Environmental management, including identifying, eliminating and reducing breeding sites

  • Environmental protection, including insecticide management according to WHO protocols

  • Facilitate strategic partnerships between a program and international donors, organizations and multilateral institutions, such as the Global Fund, PMI/USAID, WHO, Gates Foundation, Ministries of Health, and socially-minded business coalitions, and NGOs (i.e. World Vision, Africare, Catholic Relief)

  • Entomological consultation, assessment, or monitoring by experienced field entomologists who can be on on-site full-time or part-time, or regionally-based to reduce costs

  • Insecticide resistance testing

How we can help

MosquitoZone International’s experts stand ready to support your program in whatever way you need – from providing a little advice to get you started, to making improvements to your existing program, or to operating a comprehensive program on your behalf.

Download a free PDF copy of Keys to Success and find out how a successful malaria prevention program works.


Katy Talento
VP, Corporate Affairs
MosquitoZone Washington Office
1101 Pennsylvania Ave, NW 
Washington, DC  20004