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Featured Reports

Learn what companies are doing about malaria:


Chad/Cameroon Development Project Update: Health [PDF]


Shrinking the Map of Malaria in The Philippines [PDF]

Konkola Copper Mines

Improving Programme Success and Ensuring Sustainability [PDF]

BHP Billiton

World Economic Forum Public-Private Partnership Case [PDF]

MosquitoZone recognizes the difficult work of ExxonMobil, Shell, Konkola, and BHP Billiton in fighting malaria. Every enterprise faces different challenges based on location, operations, structures and migration. At MosquitoZone, we find that studying successful programs adds to our toolbox of possible solutions we can adapt and build upon. Please download the above cases, read and share them. 

All these documents have been released to the public without charge by their respective authors. All company names, service and product names, as well as logos are the trade marks of their respective companies. 


Peer-reviewed research we have found valuable.