Software for Monitoring & Evaluation

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Pictured above: Preview of the graphs and features of the MZI Monitoring & Evaluation Software

Download a copy of Dr. Cole Church’s presentation on 
M&E Strategies for a Community IRS Program 
(presented at the Corporate Alliance against Malaria in Africa workshop on
Indoor Residual Spraying in the Private Sector, Accra, September 2013).

You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

Your company is investing in disease control programs. There is a sound business case to make for that investment – but only if your program is getting the best results and you can report those results in a compelling way. A strong monitoring and evaluation (M&E) component is indispensable to any program that hopes to survive the next budget planning cycle.

How well do you know your program?

·      Is the number of malaria cases declining the way it should?

·      Are you using the right insecticide?

·      Are you targeting the right breeding sites?

·      Are you seeing cases originating in areas that you thought were safe?

·      Are your people applying larvicide effectively?

·      How long does the insecticide stay on the walls?

·      Are you seeing recurrence of cases you thought you’d cured?

·      Are mosquitoes resistant to certain insecticides?

·      Are your re-treating nets or uniforms on the right schedule?

·      Are your interventions reaching enough households to protect the community?

·      Are some of your disease control workers faster or slower, more or less accurate than others?

MosquitoZone International experts can help you answer these questions and demonstrate the return on your company’s investment to management. Click here to get a free consultation about your M&E strategy and options.

Knowledge is Power

MosquitoZone International’s M&E Software tracks every element of your program

·      Records field-based vector control

·      Follows spray operators’ output

·      Maps breeding sites for larvicide treatment

·      Allows local workers to run a program with remote entomological support

·      Schedules daily team work assignments

·      Predicts “hotspots” where case rates could increase

·      Tracks cases of disease, including epidemiological investigation and treatment outcomes

·      Generates reports that link vector control activities to case rates

·      Complies with grant or regulatory requirements and other documentation needs. 

Click here to request, by email, information about licensing, support and pricing of MZI’s M&E software. Or complete a request for information.